Benefits of drinking Vegetable Juice Daily

The first thing you should know about juicing is that it is incredibly healthy and beneficial for the body and mind. Millions of people like juices obtained from raw vegetables and the number is going in one direction only. It is going up. According to a research, most of the people in the United States, consume around 1.6 cups of veggies per day. Although this is an increase, compared to past decade, healthcare providers recommend 3 cups of veggies daily.

Juicing is by far the best and the most efficient way to get all the nutrient from the fruit and vegetables. An interesting fact is that a juice made from just one carrot provides more nutrients and vitamins that 5 ordinary carrots! The situation is the same with all other fruits and vegetables. Now you can get an idea why juices are so special. But, are there some things to know first? Yes, there are and now we will reveal them.

Benefits of drinking Vegetable Juice

Importance of chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a green substance that dominates in all plants. In fact, it gives them the green color. There are plenty of benefits from this ingredient. For example, it will relieve inflammation, it will affect bowel movement and make it better and it will help you with the odor of your body!

However, the main benefit is related to the detoxification of the body. Detox meaning that toxins and all harmful substances will be removed from the body in a natural way. As such, your body will function better.

Chlorophyll is just one of many ingredients you get from the fruits and vegetables. In essence, you will also get vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients. In fact, you get all except fiber, which is only present in the raw form of the vegetables.

Use right vegetables

There are plenty of facts each person should know when it comes to the type of fruits and vegetables that should be used for juice making. Mango and pineapple should be avoided. They look delicious and they are, but they are rich in sugar, which is something you definitely want to avoid. Although we are focused on vegetables, we had to mention those fruits.

Some vegetables should be avoided as well. Broccoli, kale, collards and all cruciferous vegetables should be avoided. In juices, or when they are eaten raw, they are rich in substances which have a negative effect on the thyroid gland. These vegetables are known as goitrogenic veggies!

Benefits of drinking Vegetable Juice

Now we will reveal which vegetables should be used. They provide the best combination of the nutrients, they protect your health and they are delicious in juicy form. Make sure you get juices from or with:

  • Celery-Ingredients from it lower the blood pressure and improve anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cucumbers- Perfect for skin health and for detox.
  • Beets- Offer plenty of iron and help with liver cleansing.
  • Carrots- Perfect for eyes, due to beta-carotene. Also beneficial to liver, bladder and general health. We advise you to be careful with juices made from carrots. They are rich in sugar.
  • Spinach- It should be used occasionally! Ingredients are beneficial to skin health. The main element here is iron.
  • Wheatgrass- Useful for alkalizing and detox.
  • Fennel- Adds flavor but also eliminates bloating and improves digestion.
  • Lettuce- Useful because of vitamin C.
  • Ginger- In small amounts it improves digestion.

In general, herbs can be added as small additions to the juices. They improve digestion, make sure you will cope with heavy metals and they even improve the immune system.

All of the vegetables we mentioned are organic. This type has the most nutrients and useful ingredients, but none of the toxic substances. In essence, organic vegetables are the best choice, because they offer the best and the healthiest results. We liked them and we highly recommend to use them as often as possible. In addition, nutrients from organic vegetables stay active for a longer period of time.

Additional facts you should be aware of

benefits of drinking vegetable juice daily

All of you know how to place a vegetable or a fruit in a juicer and to run it. But, before coming to this step, there are some mandatory things to do. First and the most important is to wash the veggies. Yes, it sounds like a well-known fact, but almost 20% of people skip this step. They believe that vegetable is already washed and cleaned! Just in case, you don’t have to skip this step.

The type of vegetables you are using demand different juicing techniques. For example, hard veggies, such as carrots, must be cut into slices and juice with a centrifugal juicer. All green veggies and grass should be juiced in juicers with 2 speeds. However, we will recommend you to use slow RPM juicers as well. They may be slower, but the end effect is amazing.

When juicing, always begin with soft vegetables. Then, you will add hard ones, like carrots, for example. By doing so, soft vegetables will come to the surface and they will be better transferred into liquid form.

A must be mentioned fact relates to the general use of juices. They are essential for good health and they have plenty of advantages to the body and mind. What you must know is that all of them are just supplements to a diet! They should be used while you are on a healthy or a conventional diet to detox your body and get aforementioned benefits. Don’t replace your entire diet with juices only. It isn’t healthy.

The final thought

Juicing is simple, highly beneficial and delicious alternative to get all the health benefits from the fruit and vegetables. You will be able to experience a much better health from the nutrients which will detox your organism and provide all essential ingredients. The best part is the fact, you can make homemade juices at your home. It is simple, easy and cleaning the juicer from leftovers requires just a few seconds. At the end, we can only add, happy juicing!