The Pros and Cons of Juicing Cleanses

Juice cleansing is a modern trend which involves juices specifically made to relieve your body from toxins and harmful substances. As such, we can deduce that this method is highly beneficial. Some people believe that they offer the same results as detoxifying diets, but this isn’t the truth. While on juicing cleanses, you will consume only juices, obviously.

There are plenty of great juices and beverages made for this purpose only. You can even make one at your home. But before that, it is useful to know something about pros and cons of this method.

Pros of Juice Cleanses

The Pros and Cons of Juicing Cleanses

  • Eat more fruit than ever before

Most of you are getting used to buying just a few types of fruits and vegetables. We all know to make a meal of those veggies and we like 2-3 fruits the most. Well, juicing cleanse gives you an opportunity to try plenty of new fruits and vegetables, you wouldn’t normally consider. New fruits mean new vitamins and new vegetables are loaded with new nutrients.

The method is also beneficial for children who don’t like to eat specific vegetables. They prefer just a few of them. Now, you can include them in the juices, so your kid will like it and won’t even realize what is inside.

  • Faster nutrient-absorption

When we eat, all nutrients are surrounded by fiber. Our body must spend hours in decomposing that fiber in order to reach the essential nutrients. When you drink a juice, there is no fiber inside. All nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins are free, meaning that the absorption time is way shorter. Just in case you wonder, the same applies to vitamins.

The bottom line is that you get all of these nutrients ready to work for you as soon as you drink a juice. More energy and better mood, in less time than ever before, is actually possible.

  • Eliminate some of the bad habits you have

Junk food is a huge problem nowadays. When you are on a detox, you will replace junk food with healthy juices. This means that you will eat fewer foods which is actually bad for you.

  • Less waste

Maybe you believe that your kitchen uses extremely efficient all the foods, but this isn’t true. Actually, in the United States, more than 40% of the food goes to waste. On a yearly level, this is too much.

Juicing cleanse helps you minimize the waste, by simply using food which cannot be included in other meals. Every single time, when you don’t know what to do with that particular fruit or vegetables, add it in a juice and you will benefit from it.

  • Feel better

This benefit is reported by all people who tried juice cleansing. However, don’t forget that you will need at least 4 days of using the procedure to get the feeling. If you stop before that, you won’t experience it.

Experts claim that this is possible due to the fact your body will get all nutrients which it needs. Vitamins have a positive effect on the brain as well, so you will also feel happier.


  • You will be hungry

Because you won’t eat solid foods, you will feel hungry sometimes. This occurs because your body won’t get fiber nor oils needed to eliminate the feeling of hunger. Regardless of how much juices you drink, the feeling will remain. The same applies on the calorie intake. Even if you have an average calorie intake the mentioned feeling will remain.

  • Higher sugar levels

Some of you will prefer fruit juices. Although they are good, they are rich in sugar. This may be an issue if you want to avoid increased sugar levels. However, there is a solution.

Try to make juices out of vegetables. By doing so, the sugar levels will stay low, but all the benefits of the juice cleanse will remain. Maybe you will need some time to get used to taste, but it is a healthy way.

  • The cost

Juice cleansing is actually more expensive than a regular diet. Keep in mind that you will have to buy a variety of fruits and vegetables, which may be very expensive, depending on the time of a year and your location. Some tips you can use to reduce the cost is to follow the juicing during the summer when the prices of the fruits are lower. You can also buy ingredients when they are at a discount.

Still, the best way to save money here is to own a garden. Instead of flowers, plant fruits and vegetables you will need. Depending on the size of a garden, you can save up to 70%. Adding physical activity to maintain the plants is another reason why you should do this.

  • Losing the weight isn’t an option

Most of you believe that you will lose weight by using juice cleansing, but it is a myth. You won’t be able to lose weight simply because you still have a daily calorie intake which is the same as when you are on a regular diet. All of you who must have more juices per day, just so they feel full will increase the calorie intake!

Building muscles aren’t possible as well. These juices don’t contain protein, so muscles will stay the same. If you are working out every day, try to remember that you need protein and extra nutrients, which cannot be obtained in this way.

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The bottom line is simple. If you already have a healthy diet, you won’t need juice cleansing. But, if you eat junk food and don’t take care of the calorie intake, detox is highly recommended. It will allow to your body to get a rest from all the bad foods you have been exposing it and to finally eliminate harmful substances from it. It is also advised to use juice cleansing a few times per year, and each time must last longer than 4 days. Only then you will get all the pros we mentioned above.